total computer solutions, inc.


handshakeTechnology is only a means -- not an end unto itself. What matters is the way organizations automate technology to accomplish core business functions more effectively and more efficiently.

The success of an organization depends on its ability to manage, store, present, analyze, and secure data in a way that provides stakeholders with timely access to the information needed to execute the mission.

At TCSI, we specialize in providing customers with innovative Knowledge Management solutions, Application Development , and System Engineering services that automate the work, empower the employee, and help stretch your IT dollars.

The security of our businesses depends on the survivability, authenticity, and continuity of information systems. These systems are vulnerable to external and internal attacks, due in part to the necessary dependence on commercial systems and the increased use of the Internet. The survivability, authenticity, and continuity of information systems is of great importance to our businesses and TCSI can help make sure your environment is safe.