Title: Cost Analyst Utility Helicopter Program Office

Salary (Range Based on Experience Level): Negotiable

Position Description:

Provides support and recommendations to cost estimating/analysis, schedule development/assessment, program management
plans and integration, strategic planning and analysis, acquisition and fielding support, data base management, technical, logistical
and operational requirements associated with the Utility Helicopter Project Office (UHPO). Also supports the various mission
requirements for successful execution of program office acquisition initiatives for on-going production, sustainment and retrofit of
the fleet. Develops and maintains the Program Office estimate in the ACEIT model. Develops Independent Cost Estimates.
Maintains the APB status. Develops and/or provides research, analysis and data for BCAs. Develops and maintains the Cost
Analysis Requirement Description (CARD). Develops and analyzes Analysis of Alternatives (AoA). Provides analysis in support of
cost effectiveness related studies. Develops cost reduction analysis. Develops cost and technical risk analysis. Prepares and
inputs transparency data into the AE2S database system. Prepares and inputs all programmatic and cost information required in
the Army reporting system to include the P-forms. Develops and/or provides inputs to internal and higher headquarters program
briefings including Configuration Steering Board (CSB), Weapon System Review (WSR), and Program Management Review
(PMR). Develops and provides data for budget formulation and alignment in support of what-if drills. Develops and/or provides
inputs to internal and higher headquarters data analysis and collection. Provides analysis of logistics activities including aircraft
flight hours and maintenance costs for use in development of the program O&S requirements. Analyzes data and prepares the Will
Cost/Should Cost and Better Buying Power Initiative information. Utilizes Government databases including WSR, UADDE, AIM,
APB, Congressional Marks, DAMIR, PPBE, ASARS and Transparency.

Job Location: Redstone Arsenal, AL

Qualifications (Education & Years of Experience):
Bachelor's Degree and 8 years experience

Minimum Security Clearance Requirement: SECRET